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Quala-Die has a modern facility that is the paradigm of Tool and Die shops. Our modern  45,000+ square foot building houses all of our operations. Quala-Die's operations run 24 hours a day throughout the week, ensuring quick turnaround times.



As you walk through our doors, the first thing you will notice is our professional atmosphere and friendly staff committed to customer satisfaction.




Quala-Die operates numerous Wire and RAM type Electric Discharge Machines.  




We have advanced high speed machining centers with spindle speeds up to 45,000 rpm and feed rates up to 1400 ipm. As well as many other types of equipment used in production.




When requested, our in-house cryogenic facilities use a liquid nitrogen bath to give massive stress relief to your tooling. Cryogenics adds more stability to your parts than conventional tempering allowing for longer tool life. This means more parts with fewer "Redresses".



What ties the operation together and allows for efficient management is that throughout the facility runs an intricate network of computers used to quote, engineer, provide drawings, track, and control all information that pertains to each job that enters our doors. This network is the backbone of production. With Real-Time reporting on Job Status, managers can monitor the flow of any order. With precise detail such as to what level a job has been completed, or which machine it currently is in, and even to which employee it is assigned. This means Real Time Job Status.


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