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Plant 2 - Reface/Repair/Rework Division


Plant 2 is focused on all reface, replacement and repair of existing tools.  We saw this as a great benefit to our customers.  This concept would assure our customers that they would get an expedited delivery on tools that they may be running.  In many cases, they could actually get a new tool refaced or repaired overnight.





The Reface Division 100% Inspects its own work. The personnel in the Reface Division are all  highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to bettering themselves and their work through   constant improvement and training.




The Plant 2 Division has the following machine capabilities

  • High Speed Machining Centers for Electrode Production

  • Machining Center for various jobs

  • CNC RAM type Electric Discharge Machines.

  • Wire EDM's

  • Grinders

  • Lathes

  • In house Inspection with separate, CMM's Micro Vu, and all other equipment certified and traceable

  • Although this area normally operates independent of Main Plant operations, if needed all equipment throughout both facilities is available







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