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  Ship & Bill to: Phone: 
  Quala-Die, Inc. 814/781-6280
    1250 Brusselles Street Fax: 
    St.Marys, PA 15857-1902 814/781-3673
    www.quala-die.com General E-Mail:
Subject:  Quala-Die Information…
Accounts Receivable Terms: 1% Discount for payment within 10 Days -  Full Balance Due Net 30
Bank/Wire Transfer Info.: Contact Lynn Schatz at 814/781-6280 Ext.229 or lschatz@quala-die.com
Shipping Terms: UPS - Ground Trac (for orders under 150 lbs.)  
(Unless otherwise specified) UPS - Freight (for orders over 150 lbs.)  
F.O.B. Origin, Freight Prepaid and Charged back (Shipping & Handling Charges Customer Responsibility)
Quotations: All Quotations Valid for 60 Days… The Price and Delivery are based upon the information at the time of the Quote.  Price and Delivery are subject to change.  Delivery Date is dependent upon Receipt of Purchase Order, Approved Geometry / Solid Models, and Customer Approved Prints...
Send all Quote Requests, Prints & PO.'s to: prints@quala-die.com  
Send all Models to:   models@quala-die.com  
Inside Sales/ Customer Service/ Quoting Contacts: Kevin Saline, Ext.241 ksaline@quala-die.com
  Ken Levenduski, Ext.243 klevenduski@quala-die.com
  Stephanie Deprator, Ext.233 sdeprator@quala-die.com
Contract Review/ Customer PO Receipts: Chris Guido, Ext.218 cguido@quala-die.com
Design Engineering:   Brian Herbstritt, Ext.215 bherbstritt@quala-die.com 
  Brian Heiberger, Ext.202 bheiberger@quala-die.com
Model Engineering:   Keith Darr, Ext.239 kdarr@quala-die.com
Job Status/ Expediting - New Orders: Dan "Stretch" Vogt, Ext.231 dvogt@quala-die.com 
  Missy Wurm, Ext.231 mwurm@quala-die.com
Job Status/ Expediting - Rework/Reface Orders:  Mike Cortina, Ext.237 mcortina@quala-die.com 
Quality Control:   Art Morelli, Ext.206 amorelli@quala-die.com
Program/ Process Engineering: Ryan "Swack" Swackhammer, Ext.208 ryan.swackhammer@quala-die.com
Shipping/ Receiving:   Alan Erich, Ext.242 aerich@quala-die.com
Office Mgmt./ Accounts Payable/ Receivable: Lynn Schatz, Ext.229 lschatz@quala-die.com

Production Management:

  John "JP" Cummings, Ext.231 jpcummings@quala-die.com
Purchasing:   Kim Swackhammer, Ext.207 kswackhammer@quala-die.com
Maintenance:   Todd Taylor, Ext.204 ttaylor@quala-die.com
Human Resources:   Sherri Cunningham, Ext.235 scunningham@quala-die.com
Administration/ Management: Rick Schatz, Ext.201 rschatz@quala-die.com



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