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Quala-Die, Inc. Directory      

Phone Extentions…   Dial...    814-781-6280    Ext...  
200 OPERATOR (Jenny)  
219 Adam Barbazzeni, Inspector  
242 Alan Erich, Shipping/Receiving Coordinator aerich@quala-die.com
206 Art Morelli, Quality Control Manager amorelli@quala-die.com
234 Bill Schatz, Program Engineer bschatz@quala-die.com
202 Brian Heiberger, Design Engineer bheiberger@quala-die.com
215 Brian Herbstritt, Sr. Design Engineer bherbstritt@quala-die.com 
218 Chris Guido, Sales Assistant cguido@quala-die.com
210 Cordless Phone  
209 Denny Schatz, President/ CEO dschatz@quala-die.com
228 Engineering Conference Room  
220 Francie Gardner, Inspector  
236 Heat Treat Dept.  
216 John Frantz, Process Engineer jfrantz@quala-die.com
213 John "JP" Cummings, Production Manager jpcummings@quala-die.com
239 Keith Darr, Model Engineer kdarr@quala-die.com
243 Ken Levenduski, Sales/ Customer Service klevenduski@quala-die.com
241 Kevin Saline, Sales/Customer Service ksaline@quala-die.com
207 Kim Swackhammer, Purchasing Administrator kswackhammer@quala-die.com
214 Leo Gregori, Process Engineer lgregori@quala-die.com
212 Lunch Room  
229 Lynn Schatz, Office Manager lschatz@quala-die.com
237 Mike Cortina, Rework/Reface Dept. Supervisor mcortina@quala-die.com 
232 Missy Wurm, Customer Service/Job Status mwurm@quala-die.com
223 Nerve C enter West (EDM's)  
224 Nerve C enter West (Grinding)  
203 Office Conference Room  
211 Pete Fragale, MIS/IT Administrator pfragale@quala-die.com
231 Prod.Office, Dan "Stretch" Vogt, Expediting dvogt@quala-die.com 
226 Q2- Roeders  
230 Randy Pichler, Program Engineer rpichler@quala-die.com
201 Rick Schatz, V.P./ COO rschatz@quala-die.com
240 Rick Wycoff, Program Engineer rwycoff@quala-die.com
227 Roughing Dept.  
208 Ryan "Swack" Swackhammer, Program/Process Mgr. ryan.swackhammer@quala-die.com
235 Sherri Cunningham, H.R. Administrator scunningham@quala-die.com
222 Shipping/ Receiving Dept.  
233 Stephanie Deprator, Sales Assistant sdeprator@quala-die.com
221 Supplemental Item Dept. (Maureen)  
205 Supplemental Item Inspection (Duke)  
204 Todd Taylor, Maintenance Supervisor ttaylor@quala-die.com
217 Tom Dorsey, V.P./ General Manager tdorsey@quala-die.com
225 Wire EDM Dept.  





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