Penn United’s Capabilities

Competencies and Manufacturing Services

Penn United Specialties

From a simple single level part to the most intricate multi-level structural component, our engineering and production capabilities enable us to provide a complete set of production tools manufactured to customer approved designs that meet the required press specifications and part tolerances.  We specialize in high value, high complexity tooling components with tight tolerance and fine surface finish requirements for new and replacement tools, adaptions, fixtures, prototypes and general precision machined components.

Our Specialty Services Include:

· Powdered Metal Compaction Tooling Design & Manufacturing
· Ceramic Compaction Tooling Design & Manufacturing
· Carbide tooling and machining
· Precision Hard Machining
· Gears (Spur, Helical, Bevel, Gerotors, Modified)
· Extrusion Tooling and Components
· Gauging
· Small precision production runs
· General Machining
· Hot Forge Tooling for PM Parts
· Dry Powder Compaction of Polycarbonate Powders
· Reface and Repair of Existing Tools

Our Precision Metal Working Capabilities:

· CNC Turning and Milling
· Precision Hard Machining
· CNC Sinker (Ram) EDM
· Wire EDM
· Small Hole EDM
· CNC Jig Grinding
· Cylindrical Grinding
· Surface Grinding
· Gear and Sprocket Grinding
· Laser Etching and Engraving
· Micro Laser Welding

Engineering and Support Services

Penn United has a full service engineering department with experienced professionals and state of the art software.  We provide our customers with tooling design assistance from initial engineering concept through final production.  Much of the work preformed by our Engineers involves tooling design for intricate helical and bevel gears, and many other complex shapes. Our experienced engineering staff utilizes the latest Solidworks CAD and Siemens NX CAM software to easily replicate your complex parts.  We can translate any designed model through DXF, DWG, IGES, Vergent UG, as well as many others to suit your software.  We work closely with your engineering team to most efficiently and effectively create the best possible tool design.

Our Engineering and Support Services Include:

· Reverse Engineering and DFM Assistance
· Tool & Model Design with 3D CAD software
· Prototyping and Secondary Machining of PM Parts
· Precision Part Inspection
· Heat Treatment and Cryogenics
· Polishing and Surface Finishing

Reface and Rework Division

Our Reface and Rework Division is focused on all reface, rework, and repair of existing tools. This service provides customers with expedited delivery of tooling to maintain production schedules and limit “press down” situations.  With meticulous inventory control of supplemental items and dedicated shop resources customers are provided an expedited delivery on tool items previously manufactured within the Quala-Die system.  In many cases, we are able to produce a new tool, or reface and repair existing tools overnight. The Reface and Rework Division is autonomous from the main plant, expediting and inspecting 100% of its own work.  The team is dedicated to quick turnarounds to help our customers maintain full production, limit “press down” events, and reduce the need for excess tooling inventory.

Quality Control

Penn United’s Quality Management System is registered to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Our quality system is designed to meet the growing demands of our customers for the specific quality requirement they expect in their products and from their suppliers.  Quala-Die has demonstrated a commitment to continual improvement and customer satisfaction through adherence to our qualified quality management system.

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